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"We are dedicated to provide the best IT services at an affordable prices for your all IT requirements. Following is the list of services that we provide currently."

.lk Domain Reservation

We reserve .lk domains and also do renewals. Please Contact us for further details.

Web Design/Development

Barana Infotec (Pvt) Ltd is specialized in creating websites for small to large size businesses and non-for-profit organizations. We provide visually stunning web page designs that finely cope with the advancing technology to help your business work better! We build websites with high accessibility, compatibility, navigability and usability amalgamating with cutting edge technology to fulfill all your tastes.

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Web Hosting and maintenance

We provide consistent high-quality web hosting service with security for all your information. Enjoy with us the competitive value and superior performance depending on the traffic you are expecting. We gurantee 99.99% server uptime and 24 hour data backup. If your website needs daily management, we do that with utmost professionalism and care.

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Promotional T-shirts in Sri Lanka – Free Sample

We do promotional t-shirts in Sri Lanka where the sample will be provided free of charge. Please contact us for more information.

Software Development

We understand the commercial needs of modern business and how customized software can be used to enhance the performance and profitability. We at Barana Infotec embrace wide range of custom programming skills that involve most effective development technologies such as Java and .NET. We are ready to deliver highly customized software that exactly meets you needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A Website is more like a face that communicates with your customers. So we not only create your face, replete with attractive designs but also bring you in to the light. This is the process of search engine optimization. We will bring your website closer to the eye of your customers, higher up your rank in search engines and will increase your traffic!

Paper Advertisement design

We do any kind of paper advertisement designs. We are specialized in designing HitAd advertisements and all the other major paper advertisements with the highest quality and with fair rates. Contact us for further information.

Email Campaign Advertisement Design

We design the highest quality advertisements for email campaigns. Contact us for further details.

Computer Networking

We provide you complete packages of network assistance to which include computer networking and maintenance, and networking equipment installation. Whether you are a company with one or two computers or a company with over 50 desktop computers we assist you in always being productive and keeping your computers and the network healthy and efficient.

Custom Facebook Twitter Fan Page Design

So as Facebook and twitter became trendy social utility to connect people, designing fan pages has also become a rapid trend in the business world. They have now become a component in many of the rapidly growing industries to get a brand, a product or even a massage to be promoted among its customer in much faster, cheaper and easier way than ever before. We; Barana Infotec design your fan pages and accelerate your company growth through selling your products via Facebook and Twitter. We are greatly experienced with Facebook Markup Language(FBML) if your custom page needs to stand out miles ahead from the rest of your competitors.

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Internet Advertising and Marketing

Internet advertising and marketing provide quick promotion and instant customer response. We at Barana Infortec (Pvt) Ltd help you to plan and implement a full advertising campaign of any scale and budget with high efficiency. With our strategic approach, creativity and experience we deliver you qualified web traffic, increasing sales and conversions, better and profitable customer relationship along with high return on investment.